I AM Grooming Co. creates premium skin-care and grooming products for the urban man who values quality ingredients on par with style and performance. All of our products are designed with this in mind giving our I AM Man everything he needs to put his best foot forward.

Our goal is to affirm the I AM Man before he steps out into the world each day - strengthening his confidence so that he can conquer his goals without worrying about his appearance being compromised by bad performing grooming products.

As an artisan brand, we do it the old fashioned way using ancient techniques such as copper distillation with organic and natural ingredients to formulate a simple but effective 4 part grooming system.

Our 4 part grooming system addresses many of the common issues men face such as hyper-pigmentation, dry and dull skin, ingrown hairs, razor bumps, dry beards and facial hair. Application is quick and easy - because the I AM Man has other things to do!


Declare today that I AM -
I AM Strong, Clean, Smooth, Successful, a Protector,
a Provider, and Worthy of Respect and Quality - A Man.
I exist and will not be overlooked


I created I AM Grooming Co. to affirm and celebrate men.  Every time one of our products is used I want you to feel empowered - hence the name, I AM.  I really love and appreciate men and their contributions to the world. I personally believe that #agoodmanmakestheworldgoaround. I AM Grooming Co. is a celebration of the beauty and strength of men.

Kamika J. King
Founder & CEO

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