If you want that smooth as a baby, wrinkle free look for your face then you can't sleep on adding an oil serum to your daily grooming routine. Many guys are often afraid to use oil on their face because it seems counter-intuitive -- oily skin means use less oil, duh!  But, that's not actually correct.  Oily skin more often than not means the sebaceous glands in your face need regulation.  They make too much oil and don't know when to stop.  Adding a light non-comedogenic (clogging/pimple causing) oil to your face may help to regulate your oil production, thus making your face less oily.  

Oil and oil serums have been used for hundreds of years among various cultures, and can provide you with numerous benefits. For those with dry skin an oil serum can help to lock in much needed moisture and lubricate the skin. The oil will help to kill that ashy gray look you may be suffering from. For combination skin, you can expect to see an overall more balanced uniform appearance.  Regardless of what your skin type is, an oil serum can leave you with plumper and tighter skin, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Another added benefit to oil serums is lubricated pores.  So if your end goal is to grow a nice beard or goatee, then an oil serum with the right ingredients can help.  Read the labels on oil serums just as you would your food and opt for products that have no added color, harsh astringents, nor comedogenic oils such as our I AM SMOOTH Grooming Serum, which avoids all of the bad ingredients.  

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